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Today Should Be International Mark Twain Day

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Mark Twain would have been 178 years old today, says the internet, and such anniversaries are always a good reason to do a link roundup. (I wonder who keeps track of these things — is there someone, somewhere who constantly checks Wikipedia to see which anniversary is up next?) In any case, Mark Twain is one of the internet’s darlings, so there are many interesting articles, clips, photos, and archives. Here’s just a sample:

1. Mark Twain in His Times from the Department of English at the University of Virginia is an amazingly comprehensive archive. You could spend hours going through reviews, promotional materials, manuscripts, and pictures, so it’s a good thing today’s Saturday.

2. Excerpts from letters he received from his readers, chosen by Brain Pickings from Dear Mark Twain.

3. The sardonic notes he often made in the margins of his books: highlights from Open Culture and much more from the New York Times.

4. 10 Photos of him via Huffington Post.

5. And a rare film showing Twain with his family, shot by Edison in 1909, a year before the writer died:

Plus, as luck would have it, the second volume of his mammoth autobiography has recently been published, just as we’ve started making gift lists.

(Huck Finn ad from Mark Twain in His Times)