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Children’s Books

Reading about this classic children’s books exhibit at the British Library has made me want to share some of my favorites. So here’s the first one:  Nikolai Nosov’s Neznayka — the story of light-headed Dunno/Neznayka and his group of friends, Gunky, Swifty, Bendum, Twistum and many others, who build a hot air balloon and go off on an adventure. Like most children’s books, it does have clear didactic purposes (in this case, Communist-sanctioned goals since it was written in Soviet Russia), but I can’t remember understanding it that way when I first read it as a child. It was just a very enjoyable read.

The drawings below are by A. Laptev from the Romanian edition (Aventurile lui Habarnam și ale prietenilor săi). The English translation, The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends, is available here.


Katie and the Computer


Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about computers. That is if your name is Katie and you were a kid in 1979. To wit:

“The Colonel fetches the Flower Painters from memory and rushes them onto a bus to the CPU, then to the PictureTube. A bus is a group of wires which act as a path for information to go from one part of the computer to another.”

From the bottomless Internet Archive.