Books of the Year

I love lists, the internet loves lists, and December is the perfect month for list addicts. So here’s a roundup of best books of 2013 lists from major media outlets. My favorite is the first one, but each and every one of them suggests something new — enough to keep you reading well into 2014.

The Guardian asked writers and critics to choose the best books of 2013 (with more genre specific lists coming up.)

The FT has a very comprehensive list divided by genre.

As always, The New York Times chose 100 notable books and then the 10 best books.

The NPR‘s list is not just interesting but also very well designed.

As it usually does, The Times Literary Supplement asked writers to talk about their favorite books and what’s great is that there are quite a few translations.

And there’s more over at SlateThe Spectator, and Forbes with even more to come in the next few weeks. Do you have any favorite lists? Leave the link in the comments!


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