Doris Lessing


Obits are only part of the story nowadays. As news broke out that Doris Lessing passed away, people started sharing all kinds of links to old articles discussing her work as a way of celebrating her remarkable career. Here’s a quick roundup:

An interview from The Paris Review archive (1988).

A more recent interview from The Telegraph (2008).

Four writers talk about what The Golden Notebook meant to them, 50 years after it was first published.

James Lasdun on how he turned down a manuscript by a certain Jane Somers who was in fact Lessing (trying to prove how much reputation mattered in the literary world).

More about the Doris Lessing Hoax by Ellen Goodman, writing in 1984.

And Lessing’s Nobel lecture from 2007, ironically titled “On Not Winning the Nobel Prize.” Her reaction upon hearing she had won the prize pretty much sums up her irreverent take on everything: “’Oh, Christ!’ she said upon hearing the news. ‘I couldn’t care less.’”


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