Cultural Differences

Just as I was posting about the differences between the UK and the US, I came across this list (compiled by Thought Catalog via Quora) of what surprised people when they moved to the US. Some favorites:

“[My Russian in-laws] were also shocked by buffets. My father-in-law told everyone back in Moscow, “No, really! You just pay to enter!”

“Tests in pajamas. Ok, this might be an MIT thing, but I’ve seen several students (mostly undergrad) take exams in pajamas.”

Treatment of dogs. At least until the 1980s in Guyana, dog food was not a thing that existed. Dogs got table scraps and mostly were outside. They are surprised by how in America, people actually avoid feeding their dog “people food”.

And it looks like Quora has quite a few similar threads on different countries — perfect reading for the weekend. Here’s the UKTurkey, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, India, Germany, Canada, and France, and I’m sure these lists will continue to grow.


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